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02 Apr

Home Buying Requirements 101 Ft. Corona Virus Impact on the Real Estate Market with Loan Officer Joshua Massieh

Joshua Massieh has over 18+ years of experience in the lending industry. He runs a successful team that offers expertise in all areas of mortgage lending from purchase to construction loans. During the interview we discuss the purchase process along with our take on the effects of COVID -19. Tune in to educate on how to properly prepare to be a homeowner!

31 Mar

How to Clean Your Gut & Learn Exactly How Much Probiotics You Need With Founder of Nourishme Organic: Kriben Govender

With over 20 years of experience in the food industry and host of thee amazing podcast Gut Health Gurus, Nutritionist and Founder or Nourishme Organic: Kriben Govender shares details on how fermented foods benefits us. During the podcast we discuss what a leaky gut is, how everyones microbiome is unique, gut health affects skin- acne, stress, importance of sun, hormones, and so much more. In addition towards the end he shares knew findings on the Mitochondria that you might want to hear! To contact Kriben or check out his products info below: – Suggested Product 

Contact Info

29 Mar

Gut Health 101 | Including: Tips on Foods to Focus on During this Quarantine Time with Joanna Baker

Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist & Registered Nurse: Joanna Baker shares with us valuable nuggets during this pandemic. During the session we also discuss topics on stress, probiotics vs. prebiotics, gut functions and more. If you are having a hard time with diets, weight loss or stomach problems this is the podcast for you that might have the answers! 

Below are articles Joanna recommends: 

Joanna’s Contact Info

Facebook here and here

Instagram here
or @theguthealthdietician

24 Mar

WTF is Blockchain?! With Wes Taylor

Technology is enhancing before we can even catch up to it. Whats been going on in the virtual world? Wes kindly breaks down how blockchain works for those who don’t know. I myself had no idea up until a couple months ago and it is definitely something worth following!

We Taylor
@Calicoin28 – Personal Account
@Supersauce_theworld – Culinary Brand
@Ourtimefilms – Creative Collective


1. BOOKs: The internet of money, by Andreas antonopoulos & Mastering Bitcoin, by Andreas antonopoulos & Bitcoin and Black America, by Isaiah Jackson & The Bitcoin standard, by Saifedean Ammous

2.  CRYPTO YOUTUBERS/influencers: Andreas antonopoulos

Naomi brockwell

The gentlemen of crypto


The chart guys/crypto technical analysis. Learn how to read technical charts.




Blockchain 101. Bitcoin 101. Ethereum 101. The internet of money



This is a referral link. If you don’t want to use the referral link you can download the app directly from your app store. This is the Android version.

2. Cash app. Bitcoin only

Android version. There are a number of exchanges out there. Must be careful of fishing websites and malicious links. I recommend using cash app or coinbase in the beginning stages until you become comfortable with navigating the crypto space.

5. Below I compiled a list of verified Twitter handles. I personally like to always follow links from these Twitter handles so I don’t fall for phishing attacks. Check out Coinbase (@coinbase): Check out Cash App (@CashApp):

6. This is a great place to start learning and gaining an understanding about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and how it can restructure the foundation of money and governance for the world.


19 Mar

Why Downtown San Diego is a Great Area to Invest in Today with Downtown San Diego Real Estate Expert Ryan Ponce

Ryan breaks down certain plans downtown has for the near future! During this pod cast sesh we break down things like whats going on with Horton Plaza, homeless problem, east village being in the come up, military presence, 5th avenue plans etc. If you are considering purchasing in these areas I highly recommend to tune in! If you are an agent that sells downtown I recommend as well to educate yourself on what is new and exciting there! Below is Ryans contact info along with some articles if you’d like more detailed information.

East Village – To Do

5th Ave Plans

Horton Plaza Update

Military Pivot Information

Ryan Ponce
655 W. Broadway Ste. 1650
San Diego CA 92101
m: 619.228.6790

05 Mar

First Time Ever Being On The Other End! Dr. Katie Introduces Paulina Salazar.

Lets be real …. Its been a while since this Biz Babe updated her content. Its been a crazy last couple months but will be getting back on this band wagon soon! Get to know me on more of an intimate level through this interview done a couple months back. Especially if you are looking into getting into the real estate industry, I really explain how my first couple years in this crazy industry have been. A good chunk of the interview touches on Gary V’s question I was able to ask at a conference that clarified my “burn out” phase.  Excited to share this with you all. Stay tuned for a nice tweak within the Biz Babe podcast….Maybe a male interviewee??

22 Dec

Should Children Visit the Chiropractor?! Should Pregnant Women?! With Dr. Katie

Dr. Katie Schlein is a one of a kind chiropractor who shares her journey with us! Her goal is to touch as many lives as possible. If you don’t know why visiting a chiropractor is beneficial you will now after tuning in! It will all make sense! Dr. Katie believes that health is a right not a privilege. On top of being up-to date with the latest and greatest research what makes her so special is the importance of maintaining her services affordable for families because she knows the power of chiropractic and how it can transform individuals’ lives and connect families. In addition, families or individuals have financial hardship they may qualify to be a part of Hands For Life Kensington non-profit a 501 (c) 3 non profit. For more info on Dr.Katie please visit her pages:

18 Nov

Focus On Selling Styles You Personally Love Versus Your Consumer – With Lisa Landers – Swirl Boutique

Boss Babe Lisa Landers is now on her 3rd successful boutique with 2 out of the 3 being here in San Diego! It was first established in 2006 in Encinitas where it curates a mix of designer brands. Lisa has her eye on the latest trends while also paying attention to the up and coming styles and designers. Lisa shares how she carries everything from clothes, shoes, to jewelry, she also does one on ones! Her hustle and drive is really shown during the interview, tune in to listen to how Swirl Boutique came to be & the do’s and don’ts of business!

Get your style on <3


27 Sep

Successful Start to a 27 year old Entrepreneur in Pacific Beach: Anisha CEO & Founder of Powerhaus

Anisha being vegetarian her whole life finally decided to take the leap of faith just a couple years ago. Her Pizza shop offers guilt-free pizzas (’cause nobody craves kale). Her passion in the health industry plus her knowledge in business came together and created Powerhaus Pizza in Pacific Beach. She shares with us systems, failures, challenges and information. This is a must tune in if you are looking to launch a restaurant biz yourself or just simply learn about healthy alternative meals. Who says vegetarians don’t get enough protein anyway?!

Powerhaus Pizza & Smoothies
1550 Garnet Ave, San Diego CA 92109

05 Sep

Where Culinary Passion Meets Medicine with Dr. Neison

Are you on a health conscious journey?! Dr. Angie Neison helps educate her patients that wellness starts in the kitchen! Our society has gone through so many changes and as a whole we are starting to be more health conscious, unfortunately along this growth it is only normal that we are still unclear about foods and “diets” causing some confusion. Dr. Neison is unique in the sense that she helps guide her patients on improving their life styles with an emphasis on food. Through out the interview Dr. Neison also shares what the benefits on intermittent fasting are and what that really is, tune in to hear some great health tips from a doctor! 

@Flavors4 WellnessMD 

1(800) 827-4277 

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